National Spatial Database ( NSDB )

National Spatial Database ( NSDB ) project, which aims at creation of Spatial Database up to village level is being carried out to fulfill the following objectives.

  1. Bringing together many existing Geospatial datasets.
  2. Created and maintained to defined common standards
  3. National Geospatial Framework consisting of referencing system built around Standard datasets with appropriate Institutional arrangements.
  4. Information developed for administrative boundaries viz. State, District, up to Village locations.
  5. Communication layers viz. Road, Rail, VSAT network etc.
  6. Natural Resource layers eg. Major Rivers, Green areas etc.

Efforts on National Spatial Data Base (NSDB) development have been underway for quite some time with objective to meet requirements in various sectors. This work has been initiated around a standard reference framework at 250,000 scale. The spatial database creation up to the village level, as a point feature, has been completed. A number of NIC state units that include Maharashtra, Chhatisgarh, Assam, Punjab, Karnataka, Haryana,Tamil Nadu and Goa have extensively contributed in development of data at village levels . Ministry of Defence has given  clearance for secured access of this website through  userid and password.


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