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Coastal regulation zone is the boundary from the high tide line upto 500m in the land -ward side. Area between the low tide line and high tide line. In the case of rivers, creeks and backwaters, the distance from the high tide level shall apply to both sides and this distance shall not be less than 100 meters or the width of the creek, river or backwater whichever is less.( Ministry of Environment and Forests Notification,Feb 1994).There are four type of category in coastal regulation zone .

Category - I (CRZ  I)

Areas that are ecologically sensitive and important such as national parks , marine parks , sanctuaries , reserve forests , wildlife habitats , mangroves, corals/coral reefs , areas close to breeding and spawning grounds of fish and other marine life, areas of outstanding natural beauty. historically important and heritage areas, area rich in genetic diversity, areas likely to be inundated due to rise in sea level consequent upon global warming and such other areas as notified by government from time to time .

Category - II (CRZ I I)

Area that have already been developed  up to or close to the shoreline. For this  purpose ,developed area is referred  to as area within the municipal limits or other legally designated urban areas which is already substantially build up ad which has been provided with drainage and approach roads and other infrastructure facilities such as water supply and sewerage lines.

Category - III (CRZ  III)

Area that are relatively undisturbed ad those which do not belong to either I or II . These will include  coastal zoe in the rural areas developed or undeveloped and also areas within municipal limits or in other legally designated urban areas which are not substantially built up.

Category - IV (CRZ  IV)

Coastal stretches in the Andaman & Nicobar islands , Lakshadeep and other small islands except those designated as category I, II and III .



Coastal zone faces a problem of environment degradation due to following factors.

Population pressure

Wastewater deposal

Destruction of mangroves

Increasing Urbanization

Solid waste disposal

Coastal constructions

Natural Disasters

Impacts of ports

Coastal erosion

Atmospheric population

Impact of aquaculture

Impact of tourism

Ingress of seawater

Coastal mining

Impact of power plants

Sea Level rise and

Coastal highways

 Coastal Regulation Zone